Recovery with pressotherapy during an extreme snowshoeing course

TP03 and sport recovery

Eric is an irregular sportsman in terms of frequency and type of sport. Recently repented smoker over 50 years old, he sets himself a challenge: to participate in an extreme snowshoeing course… and he resists thanks to pressotherapy!

The planned program for experienced sportsmen is 5 consecutive days of snowshoeing with 7 hours of walking and a 1,000 meters height difference per day, with daily rations of water and food to carry on the back…

Eric admits: “A few days before the course, I was anxious not being able to do it…”. But seeing his wife using her Eureduc TP03 pressure therapy device to relieve her heavy legs at home, he remembers the interest of the device in sports recovery and decides to take it with him.

At the first briefing, the apprehension goes up a notch. “The group is made up of athletes who are obviously more trained and younger than me. I’m confident that I have the willpower, but will my legs follow?”, he asks himself.

The first day is a nightmare. Trailing behind, he considers giving up several times. But how can you give up in the middle of the mountain? No choice: he has to continue!  When he finally reaches the hotel at nightfall, he can’t even speak! However, he manages to put on the pressure therapy boots and starts the TP03. He testifies: “There is such a benefit that I do a second session after dinner! “

The next day, the effects are even more amazing. After 7 hours of almost non-stop walking the day before: no aches or pains when he starts up! The day will certainly be a little difficult again, but Eric begins to find his rhythm and re-experiences the benefits of pressotherapy that same evening.

It gets better and better he following days, thanks to pressotherapy. He says: “I start each morning with “new” legs, while my friends see their muscles getting tired. The last day is particularly striking, two participants collapse, unable to go any further. “They shorten this last hike while Eric, dazzled by his own abilities, fully enjoys the beauty of the mountain.

This is a true story! Eric is our company’s accountant! And we thank him for his testimony.

So, if you are planning to go to the mountains, don’t forget to bring a TP03!