Intermittent Pneumatic Compression is a mechanical drainage technique that stimulates the venous and lymphatic circulation by operating a massage through compression and decompression phases of pneumatic accessories.

Our professional medical devices, combining an equipment with massage garments (boots or sleeves), enhance the effect of manual drainage performed by the physiotherapist. Effective, robust and reliable, they are a key component of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). Their effectiveness in the treatment of venous and lymphatic disorder has been demonstrated and documented in numerous studies.

Eureduc, industry leader in Pressotherapy for more than 40 years.


Even and fully circular compression over the whole treated limb, thanks to the dynamic drainage wave, the permanence of a positive static gradient, the flexibility of the materials, the overlapping of the air chambers and the absence of a closure system.


Personalized protocol for each patient, for a better therapeutic benefit, thanks to the wide choice of programs, pressure levels and accessories. Robust professional equipment for a long-term use, guaranteed for 3 years.


The patented control of double pressure gradient ensures a permanent well oriented drainage , avoiding any return flow. Our medical devices are designed and manufactured in France, in compliance with ISO 13485, CE Medical IIa certified and FDA approved.

Therapeutic use of Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy when combined with manual drainage and compression, benefits from a strong medical consensus for the treatment of Lymphœdema and Chronic Venous Insufficiency.

Pressotherapy for comfort

Upon request of patients, Pressotherapy can be used either to relieve benign symptoms, or in preparation and recovery, when practicing sports.

Venous desease

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Automated Double Gradient Pressure (ADPG)

Double pressure gradient technology

Our patented Automated Double Gradient Pressure (ADPG) system synchronizes the distalo-proximal pressure wave with a decreasing pressure gradient. This unique technology allows superior efficiency even through moderate working pressure or limited treatment time.

Combined with the specific design of our pneumatic accessories, the ADPG provides more homogeneous and comfortable drainage, without any risk of retrograde effect.


Œdemas, lymphœdemas, phlebœdemas, prevention of Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) and post-thrombotic syndrome, heavy legs, recovery after sports or surgery.


Acute DVT, erysipelas, lymphangitis, systemic decompensation, pressure urticaria.

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