Vacuotherapy – or vacuum – or depresso-massage – is a technique which combines mechanical vacuum and manual massages. It has a defibrosing, draining and softening action which is essential in plastic physiotherapy to treat fibrous, retractile or adherent scars. These scars, beyond their unsightly appearance, often generate significant functional disorders and pain.

Vacuotherapy can also be used for the purpose of wellness or slimming.


The unrivaled performance of our equipment provide meaningful freeing and softening  of the connective tissue as well as drainage of toxins, stimulation of elastic fibers and microcirculation enhancement.


Precise settings – from 0.05 to 0.9 bar – and a large choice of suction cups to adapt to the location and extent of the area to be treated. Robust professional equipment for long term use, guaranteed for 3 years.


Constant visual control of the therapeutic procedure thanks to the transparency of the suction cups. Our medical devices are designed and manufactured in France in compliance with ISO 13485, IIa CE Medical certified and FDA approved.

Targeted effect

The choice of the size, shape and diameter of the suction cup depends on the pathology and the area to be treated. The device, very handy, allows to treat small areas or those which are difficult to get access to.

A painless protocol

The suction mode, alternative or continuous, can be modified in shape and intensity in order to always remain below the pain threshold.


Traumatic or burn scars, muscular or tendinous injuries
Face and body modelling.


Inflammatory or infectious disease in acute phase, skin tumor, open wound, hematoma, erythema, bruises.

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