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For better care of your patients

Our patented technologies, originally designed by a Physiotherapist, continue to evolve for the benefit of patients through the continuous Healthcare Professionals’ feedback. Secure and non-invasive, they aim to provide symptoms relief for a better quality of life.

40 years of expertise


Intermittent Pneumatic Compression, in addition to manual drainage, for optimized care of veno-lymphatic disorders: lymphœdemas, phlebœdemas, symptoms of chronic venous disease, …


Mechanical Vacuum Massage or Depressomassage to enhance manual techniques on fibrous, retractile or adherent scars.

Our solutions

Our Medical Devices are based on patented technologies and guaranteed for 3 years. They are manufactured in France in compliance with ISO 13485, IIa CE Medical certified and FDA approved.

Our vocation

For more than 40 years, we have been relying on our expertise and the Customers’ feedback to design, develop and manufacture innovative technologies. Our objective remains to provide new options to Healthcare Professionnals in order to improve their patients’ quality of life.



Quality of life

The Automated control of pressure gradient technology

Our patented technology, the automated control of pressure gradient, guarantees a drainage that is always well oriented. Our pneumatic accessories, boots or sleeves, are designed to apply a uniform pressure on the entire circumference of the treated limb, for a combined action on the vein, lymphatic and interstitial environment.

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