Eco-friendly AND comfortable hygiene sheaths


This was a major objective included in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. They are now available: the new biosourced pressotherapy hygiene sheaths! Patient feedback is more than positive, both for the feeling during the treatment and the eco-citizen approach.


Biodegradable hygiene sheaths

Our new single-use hygiene sheaths for pressure therapy boots and cuffs are made from Biotext®, a renewable vegetable material derived from potato starch/corn starch.

This bio-based and compostable material complies with the EN 13432 standard and is perfectly in line with the law on “energy transition”.

Patients aware of environmental issues are very enthusiastic about these sheaths, which do not contain plastic and are biodegradable in 5-6 weeks in an industrial composting station.

Biocompatible hygiene sheaths

We chose this material for our new pressotherapy hygiene sheaths because it perfectly meets our tolerance requirements. Biotext® has been tested and validated as “non-irritating for the skin” by an independent laboratory, in accordance with “cosmetic” regulations.

More comfortable hygiene sheaths

Indeed, the opinions are formal: the new sheaths are easier to put on thanks to their flexibility and thinness. During the pressotherapy session, as the patient sweats much less,  he doesn’t feels wet or cold, as it was the case with the previous plastic sheaths.

Another characteristic, and not the least, the touch, very “silky,” is similar to the tactile sensation of a a second skin.

And for the therapist, the new sheaths are easier to roll up and to dispose of in a recyclable garbage can.

Availability of our hygiene sleeves

Our single-use hygiene sheaths are available in two types of packaging:

  • in 100-unit boxes
  • in 600-unit boxes

A significant improvement in the quality of care for patients …. and for our planet!