This was a major objective included in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
policy. They are now available: the new biosourced pressotherapy hygiene sheaths! Patient feedback is more than positive, both for the feeling during the treatment and the eco-citizen approach.


Lipoedema or ”large leg syndrome” is a chronic progressive disorder of the adipose tissue with a lymphatic component.
Affecting mainly women – about 11% of them to varying degrees – it considerably affects their quality of life.
Let’s have an update on this disorder and its treatment.

TP03 and sport recovery

Eric is an irregular sportsman in terms of frequency and type of sport. Recently repented smoker over 50 years old, he sets himself a challenge: to participate in an extreme snowshoeing course… and he resists thanks to pressotherapy!


As necessary as the warm-up, the recovery phase after an intense physical effort allows the athlete to regain his/her full physical potential and to regenerate, in order to train effectively, to progress towards an objective and to perform without injury.


Vacations and heat waves: a difficult period for patients suffering from lymphedema. Indeed, they cannot always ensure the continuity of their care because of their displacement to their vacation destination, or the summer closure of their physiotherapy practice.
In the absence of regular manual lymphatic drainage, how can they relieve their symptoms, sometimes increased by the heat?

Managing venous insufficiency at home

Summer is here, with its higher temperatures, which are certainly welcome, although they often increase vascular symptoms, such as heavy legs and edemas.
How to better take the patients in charge at the practice?
What to advise them in case of temporary interruption of their sessions?